Through the words of others can I reflect on this life I live wherein I see so much yet little do…


The Art of Writing

You don’t need attention to write. All you need is passion for your work and an overwhelming desire to tell a story you genuinely care about. Readers can sense sincerity and its separates you from pretenders.” Sefi Atta, author of Everything Good Will Come

Poem of The Day

Your Eyes

Your eyes…
Indeed they mirror clear the sights I see
There resides the meaning of you and me
And there shall shallow waters sink
into auroras bluish and pink
a flicker of rose touching your lips
prying open those forbidden tips
bearing the might of the descending rain
but fear not, I ‘m the shelter from that pain

In Your eyes…
Indeed no veil can mask what you reveal
yet deeper than crimson black is that which you conceal
Shadows blending into immaculate waves
against stone carved walls in hallow caves
alone you stand in the midst of dreams
broad, coarse and fierce, like raging streams
and you fear you might never be free
but, alas, in me lies the key

And in Your eyes…
I see life in its evens and odd
‘cause those pupils so fair bear witness to no fraud.
I see the rain fall
and rainbows rising tall
I feel the harmattan wind, bitter and cold
Lo! The flowers in summer do hold
I see that dream once hidden
now real, braving across a storm bidding
and when all is calmed and still
comes a vision vivid and chill
filmed in that darkness sleeping on white
a picture unwavering to the sight
Because in your eyes so clear
lies me so dear...


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