Pain begets Horror and Horror brings blood and death!


Through the words of others can I reflect on this life I live wherein I see so much yet little do…


You don’t need attention to write. All you need is passion for your work and an overwhelming desire to tell a story you genuinely care about. Readers can sense sincerity and its separates you from pretenders.” Sefi Atta, author of Everything Good Will Come

Poem of The Day

He that is me

Look at what I have become

With a glazed eye do I stare upon a mirror image brimming with fear of a creation fashioned without care.

Do my eyes bring together therein images of stolen glances, straying behind a heart filled with obscene desires?

Do these dreams fall from an olive leaf, yet far from even hopes phantom?

Is this not I that loved to watch the sun set against a gruesome sky battering away colours before this twinkling stare.

Is this not I who fondly played in the sand barefooted, building castles for the prince to be

Is this not I who had a smile for every occasion and a laugh for every meal…

But look what I have become

A cold face, a hard strand of broken edges of foregone reality

Do my feet scurry these lands aghast of unbridled lust, ravishing the cores of man’s mysterious past

Do I fear now that love’s edges afar; wherein my mind bewilders on life’s begotten

I have defined laws, and a scoffer to splendour abound, an animal scavenging only for survival yet far from prosperity

I have lived with no love in my heart and no home to arrest times unending mockery

I have found it hard to look outside the darkness of night and yonder the rays of dawn…

Alas! Look what I have become

Baseless infamy of rudderless mind cast upon stone carved walls

A wavering soul prodding the night’s edges, of wanton cries behind Credence’s aloft hand

Dis Truth that bares it vicious tooth upon this tragic vice, a harbinger of lives never to be lived?

Do I then cry, tired; An isle faceless, bare and solitary far from that Divine embrace?

I have made my peace with this world and

I will not live only to die

I fear, yet will I die not knowing how to live…

Helas! This image which I see, bears no witness to he that is me


Akinola Assayouti

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