ODE OF THE CONDEMNED   Why do you stare at me? What have I done your eyes shine intensely through me and you look surprised. Why should you? Was it not you that led me or do you forget so easily, what you told me What you promised me! And never kept.   Why do you shout at me? What have I done that you did not knowing give me and you are now shocked. Why should you be? Didn’t you say you will give me shelter over my head Bread in my mouth and hope in my heart! And...

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Your Eyes

Your eyes… Indeed they mirror clear the sights I see There resides the meaning of you and me  And there shall shallow waters sink  into auroras bluish and pink a flicker of rose touching your lips prying open those forbidden tips bearing the might of the descending rain but fear not, I ‘m the shelter from that pain In Your eyes… Indeed no veil can mask what you reveal yet deeper than crimson black is that which you conceal Shadows blending into immaculate waves against stone carved walls in hallow caves alone you stand in the midst of dreams broad,...

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