Why do you stare at me?

What have I done your eyes shine intensely through me and you look surprised.

Why should you?

Was it not you that led me or do you forget so easily, what you told me

What you promised me!

And never kept.


Why do you shout at me?

What have I done that you did not knowing give me and you are now shocked.

Why should you be?

Didn’t you say you will give me shelter over my head

Bread in my mouth and hope in my heart!

And you never did.


Why are you ashamed of me o, brother?

But you put me here; you said all we had we will share

You will make sure equal will be the way towards making the best of our father’s legacies.

Yet you gave me little and later took that little, promising to make it more.

You gave me nothing but petty and empty promises.

How could you o, brother?


You of all people would know

Man cannot live without hope, in total despair.

You being who you are would know

From desperation, comes nothing but revolution

You should know

Because you were there when they came to take our heritage and hope.

You remember what we did!

Why did you frown now?


Because you promised to give me shelter

And didn’t

I took it, why do you scorn

You promised to put bread in my mouth

And didn’t

I took it, why do you frown.

You said you will adorn my heart with hope

And didn’t

I locked it, why do you condemn


You furnished it with despair and took from me hope you selfishly kept for yourself.

And, now you denounce me.

Ha! How can you?

You stand there, your hands raised in judgment.

Your eyes angry in condemnation and you proceed to give…

You cannot, ‘o my brother’, condemn me

For it is what belongs to me that I took.

I have done no wrong to you.

I have not stolen what did not belong to me

Not broken any promises

Nor told any lies

You, my brother, have you?


And you say I must die for my sins

Ha! Ha! I laugh for you

You have no right to judge me, nor to condemn me

 I am beyond you

What you pronounce for me is your decree

I, have already taken mine

 For Death is preferable than to live with you, brother!


In your mockery of a nation.

I prefer to go far from your deceits, from the misery and the pain of your injustice

Instead, I condemn you to your pain and misery

I condemn you to your deceit, to your injustice and your mock brotherhood.

To your nation of rogues and scoundrels

Of thieves and cut-throats

A nation of the greedy, the wicked and the saintless.

A nation you created my brother because you never kept the promises you made


Here, I will leave you

Passing my own verdict on you

Condemning you to life in the world you have woven with your own hands!

To live and never be blessed


Adversity, dissidence, war and conflict you will face all your life

Fire and brimstone, murder, tears, evil will fill your lands

I curse you with the power of Amadioha and the witchery of Esu and the drunkenness of Ba Maguje

The orishas, the chis and the aljenus of our forefathers will destroy any iota of happiness you proclaim

And Obatala will not come to your succor nor will the wisdom of Orunmila aid you

Nor will Ala of distinguish beauty and goodness, nor Agwu of the great Dibia

Neither will Sarkin Aljan whose gifts behold no man or Waziri of the wise counsel

Only they will hear your screams of agony and despair and they will shake their heads

Sad that love and brotherhood had deserted the world


This I condemn you as you have condemned me to death.

But my fate I readily accept far from your disbelief

To the Almighty’s warm embrace


‘O’ brother,

Will you accept yours?   



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