He that is me

Look at what I have become With a glazed eye do I stare upon a mirror image brimming with fear of a creation fashioned without care. Do my eyes bring together therein images of stolen glances, straying behind a heart filled with obscene desires? Do these dreams fall from an olive leaf, yet far from even hopes phantom? Is this not I that loved to watch the sun set against a gruesome sky battering away colours before this twinkling stare. Is this not I who fondly played in the sand barefooted, building castles for the prince to be Is this...

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Stories Opens you up to the Very stars Tears stream from your eyes Laughter from your lips Reflections beyond your petty abode Remorse on lives not yet found… For all the stories that history holds Of brave men and strong women Of mighty hordes and righteous people For the sake of vivid images and fantastic creations do these words fall As rivers explain a tide breeding from the ocean’s depth to whisper Into your soul: “It is man that holds all the answers to the universe And in his heart rages The stories that define the worlds” Akinyemi Falomo

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