The Goddess

The streetlights and neon signs lined the streets of Lagos. It was past midnight but the lateness did not deter these four young lost souls. Three unsuccessful stops so far were the hallmark of our search for the ultimate pleasure spot on this gloomy cloudy Friday night. We were looking for a club that would blow our minds and satiate our restless spirit and the Island was certainly the place to find it. Everyone was in high spirit. Everyone except me.
Kayode took the Falomo roundabout at high speed sending us lurching viciously sideways bumping ourselves and only held intact by the car door. We cursed him amiably, knowing he was already hitting the ‘high’ road but assured he would make it through the night. A group of policemen in black waved torchlights dramatically at us, but Kayode seemingly fearless this night, pressed the horn loudly, blinking his head lights quickly on and off; he put the gear on neutral while pressing down hard on the throttle, a loud Vroom escaping before returning it promptly to drive! All in one breathless take. My friends laughed recklessly as the courageous men of the force scrambled out of the way. No money for this bunch. I groaned, the only one knowing the level of recklessness we had just shown…READ MORE

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…Suddenly, she grabs my neck in a vicious grip. Choking, I tried to push her back, struggling against power in a woman I have never seen. And now fear creeps in, beyond anything I had ever felt as I look into fiery eyes, staring, it seems, into the depths of Hell itself. She was not beautiful anymore, no allure around her. Just a creature of scorn, hatred and a wrath beyond the scope of human comprehension.
What was she? She raises me up with astonishing strength, her grip around my neck tight and vicious, nails tearing into skin, and though I struggled with all my strength it seemed puny and useless as she gradually choked the life out of me.
“You are nothing… nothing!”…..READ