To Save A Soul

Mysterious forces take Tunde on a final reckoning for the actions of his past, where the choices would not be solely his to make, choices that would either save him or destroy him. To save a soul is a chilling look at love gone sour and how it responds to and influences the supernatural forces that may or may not surround us. Read



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 I heard the brassy high-pitched shrilling of brakes and the metallic grating sound of metal scraping concrete and I realized what had occurred. Instinctively, I stepped on my brakes, but even then I knew it was too late to avoid the swerving yellow mass. It toppled over and came crashing towards us. I tried to veer off but I knew I could never avoid the menacing bilious form. There was no prayer in my mind, no remorseful thinking; no silent last-hour vow of repentance, just a panic-stricken “Oh, God!” escaped my lips as we crashed into the roof of the upturned bus. The impact sent me shattering through the windscreen. The last thing I heard was the crunching impact of metal on metal, shattering glass and Dada’s ceaseless screams followed by a horrible shriek that seemed to echo and echo in brutal finality. Then a thought occurred to me as I rammed into solid steel and I tried to turn back…Pain, so much pain. Something heavy dropped on me and I could hardly move. There was more pain, great agony but I could not scream. Or did I? Suddenly everything seemed so far away; the noise and commotion, and I could hardly hear the screams now. Yet the only thought in my mind as darkness enveloped me, was of Yomi….Read 


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